The Dream Path

The path to your dreams doesn’t start with a complete plan.  Dreams start with one little step.  At times your dreams may seem unreachable. The path becomes cloudy and loses its visibility.   The bend in the path can become scary,  instead of exciting and alluring.  All you begin to see are barriers filled with doubt and fear.  You feel             overwhelmed and intimidated.  Don’t give in!  Instead, find something that you can do in the moment of the day to support that dream.

When an artist creates a piece of art, it is the intricate continual movement of the chisel, the pen, the brush, the music note or the voice that creates the masterpiece.

Today, at this moment, I am taking a little step toward one of my dreams. I am writing this blog.  A few weeks ago I signed up on, another step.  Over the years I have taken many little steps in the direction of this dream and other dreams.  I took steps that I didn’t even realize I took. If a dream lives within you, it will express itself.  It will guide you, even if we are unaware of those steps.

Hi, my name is Linda Lunsted and I am a Licensed Masters in Social Work.  I am currently in Private Practice as a Mental Health Therapist. Private Practice is another one of those dreams that began with one little step.  I never gave up even when things were cloudy or seemed unreachable. I took one little step, then another, and another.

What is your dream? What is your Masterpiece? What is one little thing that you can do today or this week? It may be just as simple as resting quietly, writing an idea on paper, enrolling in a class, or talking to a friend or mentor.  Start in one little corner of your dream.  Begin today, you wont regret it! If you look closely you many find that you are already taking those little steps, you just haven’t been paying attention.