You know that compassion and love you give others? It’s time to give it to yourself, as well. ♥️

Self-love plays an important role in our mental health. It supports our psychological, physical and spiritual growth adding to our own well being and happiness.

Our happiness is not contingent on someone loving us, it is a by product of loving and excepting ourselves. Our self love opens us up to giving and receiving the love we desire. So what does self-love look like and how do we practice it? Positive self care is a good place to start. Even if you practice only a few of the things listed below, you are well ahead of the game.

– Saying “I Love You” to yourself. Expressing it to yourself in the mirror frequently helps

– Treat yourself as you would a loved one or close friend

– Replace inner criticisms with encouragement

– Allowing your humanness, no one is perfect. Thank God!

– Trust yourself

– Be true to yourself

– Value and honor yourself

– Accept yourself as you are; the good, bad and ugly.


– Set healthy boundaries

– Address your conflicts, don’t bury them.

– Forgive yourself

– Listen to your body

– Nurture yourself

– Accept your emotions for what they are. They don’t define you.

– Eat healthy, while allowing some indulgences that are not so healthy.

– Find your spiritual zone; somewhere you can find peace, purpose and connect with your inner being. A place you can go to rest and heal from the stress in your life. This may be with your God, prayer, meditation, nature or just an imaginary safe place you can go to just “be.”

I know saying “just love yourself” may seems ridiculous or you may even feel you already love yourself. Regardless, I challenge you to practice self love throughout the rest of February and watch yourself transform.

The Uncommon Therapist