Remain Awake


“As you journey along your path, whether it be wide or narrow, remain awake.”

There are certainly days in my life where I remain numb with the distractions of life. There are also times when I am remain very awake. So awake that I feel the need to find a mind numbing activity to avoid what I don’t want to see, hear or feel. Numbing can happen purposefully or automatically. I am not talking about using substances as a way of numbing, although that is a very common and real way of numbing. What I am talking about is daily distractions and avoidance. It is easy to get caught up in all this things going on around us or avoid that which we don’t want to feel or deal with. It is also true that our mind and our bodies often protect us from too much pain in life. However, we can’t hide there all of the time. The key is to remain awake enough to pay attention to our journey and where our paths are taking us. We must stay on course until we understand what we have, want and need. If we are not awake enough, our steps veer off our intended destination and we find ourselves lost. We can’t see what is blocking our path. It can be painful to be awake, but in order to unblock our paths we must endure.  We don’t have to do it all at once. We can take baby steps or giant leaps, but we can endure and unblock our paths.

Are you awake? Can you look at the pain enough to unblock your path? It just takes the first step, then the next and the next. Go ahead you can do it!



Tragedy On Our Journey

Every day we are faced, or should I say bombarded with negativity and tragedy. If you are like me it can knock you down again and again.  BAM! Down you go! BOOM! From the other direction, down you go! Some day’s it makes us so weary that we feel like we will never get up again. We shut down, we avoid. Then somehow we stand up again and begin to move forward. Little by little we see the light again and we are stronger! We have an innate ability to find hope, strength and to get back up and continue our journey.

Whether you believe in God, a power greater than yourself, or your spirit within there is hope and strength. Surround yourself with that power and those who embody it.  You will find the strength to stand up and go forward. For me, I believe that God picks us up and dusts us off and says, “It’s okay, I am with you. You can do this. Just focus on the good!”  He says. “Everyday there will be things that will knock you down, but there are also things that lift you. Turn in the other direction! Trust me and you will see it! If you can’t see it, I will carry you until you can.”

We are incredibly resilient even when we don’t think we are. Follow the journey of your heart.  The path is full of life.  It is good, bad, beautiful, ugly and tragic; but so full of life.